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Financial Support

Book Allowance. Incoming fellows are provided with personal copies of textbooks relating to pediatric Hematology/Oncology; thereafter, the fellows are provided with an annual book allowance.

National Scientific Meetings. Financial support is provided to first year fellows for attendance at one national scientific meeting. Second and third year fellows are provided support to present their work at a national conference or meeting related to their chosen field of research.

Grants. Funding for all fellows’ salaries is guaranteed for three or four years of their fellowship training. Because writing and obtaining grants is a critically important aspect of an academic research career in pediatric hematology-oncology, all fellows are encouraged to write a grant proposal in support of their research. Comprehensive instruction and training in grant proposal preparation is an important component of this fellowship program. Each fellow receives in-depth supervision and support in the identification, preparation, and submission of grants to both NIH and non-federal granting agencies. In addition to the individuals’ research mentors, the cancer and hematology centers has experienced research service coordinators who work closely with the fellows to facilitate this process. Each second-year fellow has an opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and resources of the research services staff, which help locate grant opportunities that match each fellow’s level of training, expertise, and area of interest. An individualized plan is developed for each fellow that focuses on career development in basic or clinical research. Once a grant opportunity has been matched to a fellow, research services staff members provide a written outline of the grant application, timeline, and budget calculations. They also assist with writing and routing the proposal through the Department of Pediatrics and Office of Research at Baylor College of Medicine. The Cancer and Hematology Centers sponsor a web page that serves as a resource for fellows seeking grants. The web page provides key information, including a calendar of grant application deadlines, patient demographics, links to funding sources, and instructions on applying for use of humans and animals in research.