Immunology and Cell Therapy Research Track

Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Research Track
  • To develop expertise in clinical research methodology with specific emphasis on gene identification, expression and regulation, and target cell identification.
  • To examine methods for gene delivery, including retroviral, lentiviral, adenoviral, other DNA viruses, and non-viral vectors.
  • To review tissue-specific perspectives for gene delivery.
  • To understand the specifics of cancer gene therapy.
  • To evaluate the essential components related to vaccine therapy.
  • To examine the use of gene therapy through the use of bone marrow and stem cells.
  • To review specific regulatory and ethical considerations related to cell and gene therapy.

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Immunology and Cell Therapy Clinical Research Track Mentor


Helen Heslop, MD, DSc (Hon) - Track Director, Immunology & Cell Therapy Track
Dan L. Duncan Chair, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)
Director, Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, BCM, Houston Methodist and Texas Children’s Hospital
Acting Director, Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine
Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine, and Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, BCM