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Clinical Pharmacology Research Track

  • To develop expertise in clinical research methodology with specific emphasis on the design, proper conduct, and analysis of phase I and II pharmacokinetic studies of new anticancer agents.
  • To develop proficiency in laboratory and data analysis skills as they pertain to pharmacokinetic and other correlative studies.
  • To develop expertise in the special requirements of clinical and pharmacologic studies of new anticancer agents in infants, children and adolescents.
  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of the basic principles of the pharmacology of anticancer drugs.
  • To interact with COG, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory bodies in order to acquire an understanding of the roles of national organizations, cooperative groups, sponsors, regulatory bodies, and clinicians during the drug development process.
  • To understand the ethical and regulatory issues involved in pediatric drug research, including special protections afforded to children, appropriate recruitment of minorities into clinical trials, and the role of the Institutional Review Board.

Clinical Pharmacology Research Track Mentors

Stacey Berg, M.D.- Track Director

Susan Blaney, M.D.

David Poplack, M.D.