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Hematologic Malignancies Research Track

Hematologic Malignancies Research Track
  • To develop expertise in the design and implementation of clinical research trials for children with acute and chronic leukemias, including diagnosis, therapy, and management of acute and chronic complications and care of long-term survivors.
  • To develop proficiency in laboratory skills and data analysis as they pertain to treatment of children with leukemia.
  • To develop expertise in the special requirements of clinical and pharmacologic studies of new anticancer agents for the treatment of leukemia.
  • To interact with COG in order to understand the development of multi-institutional clinical trials in leukemia.
  • To explore clinically applicable laboratory research in areas pertinent to leukemia.
  • To understand the ethical and regulatory issues involved in leukemia biology research, including special protections afforded to children, appropriate recruitment of minorities into clinical trials, and the role of the Institutional Review Board.
2021-22 USNWR Cancer

Hematologic Malignancies Research Track Mentors

Phillip Steuber, MD - Track Director

Stacey Berg, MD

Malcolm Brenner, MD, PhD

Margaret Goodell, MD, PhD

Helen Heslop, MD

Judith Margolin, MD

Sharon Plon, MD, PhD

David Poplack, MD

Cliona Rooney, PhD