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Faculty Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research

The Faculty Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research provides a formal, comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinical research educational program to teach pediatric oncologists the design, implementation and analysis of all phases of clinical research trials.

This is a structured program in which trainees receive in-depth education through a core clinical research curriculum and participation in clinical research training in one of five specialized training tracks: clinical pharmacology, neuro-oncology, cell and gene therapy, leukemia or solid tumor.

These specialized areas have been purposely chosen for two reasons. First, within Texas Children's Cancer Center, they represent funded programs of significant research strength, each with strong collaborative interactions between basic and clinical scientists. Second, within the field of pediatric oncology, they represent five critical areas in which clinical research success must occur for continued progress against childhood cancer to be realized.

Funding and Expectations

Successful applicants will be appointed as instructors or assistant professors. Funding will cover salary and fringe benefits, a laptop computer and palm-pilot, project supplies, tuition and one trip per year. Candidates are expected to spend 80 percent of their time devoted to clinical research and career development activities. 

Research Tracks and Mentorship

Trainees are assigned two formal mentors (one in basic science and one in clinical research) from within their specialty track. Clinical and basic research mentors will be paired or grouped according to their contribution to each individual project and assigned by the Advisory Committee. In addition, the trainee may select one or two additional faculty mentors who have expertise relevant to their specific project.

Trainees will receive in-depth education through a core clinical research curriculum (through the Clinical Scientist Training Program) and participation in clinical research training in one of five specialized training tracks:

Clinical Pharmacology Research Track 
Neuro-oncology Clinical Research Track 
Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Research Track 
Hematologic Malignancies Research Track 
Solid Tumor Clinical Research Track


Trainees must be fully trained pediatricians who have completed a three-year pediatric hematology-oncology fellowship training program. They must be board eligible in the pediatric hematology-oncology subspecialty. All candidates must be citizens or non-citizen nationals of the United States, or be lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence. Two MDs are recruited annually.


Applicant's must complete the K12 application for the Faculty Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research.

Applications for the K12 training program are due October 1. 
Download the K12 Application

Criteria for consideration consists of:

  • A brief research plan of a proposed project based in the candidates' selected clinical research track
  • A full CV
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • A summary of the applicant's clinical and research performance evaluations from his or her current fellowship program
  • A personal statement regarding interest in pursing a career in clinical research focused on one of the Clinical Oncology Training Program's specialty tracks
  • A personal interview - The Advisory Committee and mentors of the requested specialty track will conduct interviews.

The research plan will be scored by the Advisory Committee according to NIH review criteria. The Advisory Committee will make the final selection.