Where can I find the application form?

The application can be found https://www.texaschildrenspeople.org/careers/ under “Administrative Fellowship” as the Job ID “24920.”

What order should I submit the required materials in?

Create your single PDF in the following order: resume, official graduate transcript, two recommendation letters and single spaced – one page personal statement.

Am I required to add my resume to the "Drop Resume Here" box if I already have my resume in a single PDF with all the other required documents?

No, you are not required to add your resume to the “Drop Resume Here.” Your resume should be included in the single PDF application with all required documents.

Am I required to add a cover letter?

No, you are not required to add a cover letter.

Where can I submit a letter of recommendation if the recommender wants to send it directly to TCH?
Letter of recommendation can be submitted to afellow@texaschildrens.org and CC pasilver@texaschildrens.org