Thomas A. Vargo, MD

Department or Service


  • Texas Medical Center



Phone: 832-824-3278
Fax: 832-825-1906

Contact Information

6651 Main Street
Legacy Tower, 21st Floor
Houston, TX 77030
United States

Pediatric Cardiologist

Texas Children's Hospital


School Education Degree Year
Baylor College of Medicine postgraduate education Myocardiobiology 1971
Baylor College of Medicine fellowship Pediatric Cardiology 1970
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine residency Pediatrics 1966
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine internship Pediatrics 1964
University of California at Los Angeles medical school Doctor of Medicine 1963


Dr. Vargo works part-time and limits his clinical work to interpreting pediatric echocardiograms working more frequently when his associates take time off for family vacations, scientific conferences, etc.

Dr. Vargo's administrative duties primarily involve administrative issues that occasionally arise for the more than 400 trainees he was in charge of during 28 years as the program director for three different Baylor Residency Programs.

Selected Publications