Rikhia Chakraborty, PhD


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Contact Information

1102 Bates Ave., Ste. 1025.21
Houston, TX 77030
United States
Texas US

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Hematology-Oncology, Baylor College of Medicine


School Education Degree Year
Cleveland State University and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation university Doctor of Philosophy, Regulatory Biology 2009
Guru Nanak Dev University masters Master of Science, Biotechnology 2004
University of Calcutta Bachelor of Science, Zoology 2002

Research Statement

The focus of Dr. Chakraborty's research is exploring immune microenvironment in different myeloid neoplasms. Remodeling capacity of cancer and immune cells and their heterogeneity is uniquely designed and need a proper understanding to develop intelligent approaches to develop better therapeutics. Increased evidence of checkpoint inhibitor therapy in combination with cancer specific mutation related chemo therapy provides a lot of promise. Dr. Chakraborty's goal is to translate the wet lab findings into development of pre-clinical strategies with which to test potential novel diagnostics and therapeutics for patients.

Taking advantage of emerging insights in the genomic landscape of myeloid neoplasms and immune microenvironment, we hope to develop a “personalized approach” using pre-clinical models to determine optimal therapy for each pediatric patient with LCH and identify factors associated with treatment failure.

The ultimate goal of Dr. Chakraborty's research is to translate the laboratory findings into development of pre-clinical and clinical strategies to improve the treatment outcome in patients with LCH.

Dr. Chakraborty's research work, along with her collaborators, have led to the identification of novel genetic mutations in patients with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH), as well as the first inherited genetic variant in LCH that potentially changes our understanding of LCH pathogenesis. Dr. Chakraborty's work led to the generation of the first mice model of LCH which are currently being utilized in pre-clinical studies. Her work has been published in Immunity, Blood, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Clinical Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer, Cancer, and Oncology.


Dr. Rikhia Chakraborty received the 2016 Basic Junior Faculty Scholar Award from the ASH for her study investigating the disease pathogenesis of Langerhans cell histiocytosis.