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Texas Medical Center

Phone: : 832-822-1750 (Neurology) | 832-822-0959 (Epilepsy Center)


6701 Fannin Street
Suite 1250
Houston, TX 77030

Maureen Handoko, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epilepsy, Pediatric Neurology & Developmental Neuroscience

Baylor College of Medicine


School Education Degree Year
Baylor College of Medicine Fellowship Epilepsy 2020
Baylor College of Medicine Residency Child Neurology (Chief Resident 2019) 2019
University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN Medical School Doctor of Medicine 2014
University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN PhD Doctor of Philosophy 2012
College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, St. Joseph, MN Bachelors Bachelor of Arts 2005


In my practice I strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to my patients and their families, provide treatment guidance based on accurate information, and collaborate with them to decide on the best treatment option that fits their needs.

Clinical Interests:

Medically refractory epilepsy

Responsive neuromodulation

Ketogenic Diet

Research Interests:

New investigational drugs for the treatment of refractory epilepsy

Nonpharmacologic modalities in the treatment of refractory epilepsy


Organization Name Role
American Academy of Neurology Member
American Epilepsy Society Member
Child Neurology Society Member

Selected Publications

Handoko M, Hong W, Espineli E, Saxena K, Muscal E, Risen S. (2019) Autoimmune glial fibrillary acidic protein astrocytopathy following herpes simplex virus encephalitis in a pediatric patient. Pediatric Neurology 2019 May 22.

Grant MK, Handoko M, Rozga M, Brinkmalm G, Portelius E, Blennow K, Ashe KH, Zahs KR, Liu P. (2019). Human cerebrospinal fluid 6E10-immunoreactive protein species contain amyloid precursor protein fragments. PLoS One 14(2):e0212815.

Handoko M, Emrick LT, Rosenfeld JA, Wang X, Tran AA, Turner A, Belmont JW, Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Lee BH, Bacino CA, Chao HT. (2018) Recurrent mosaic MTOR c.5930C>T (p.Thr1977Ile) variant causing megalencephaly, asymmetric polymicrogyria, and cutaneous pigmentary mosaicism: Case report and review of the literature. American Journal of Medical Genetics A 179(3):475-479.

Handoko M, Grant M, Kuskowski M, Zahs KR, Wallin A, Blennow K, Ashe KH. (2013). Correlation of specific amyloid-β oligomers with tau in cerebrospinal fluid from cognitively normal older adults. JAMA Neurology 70(5):594-599.

Handoko M, Masters LP, Curry DJ, Riviello JJ. Hippocampal origin of the 14-and-6 positive bursts in stereotactic EEG. Clin Neurophysiol 2021 Jan;132(1):23-24. doi: 10.1016/j.clinph.2020.10.015. Epub 2020 Nov 6. PMID: 33248431.


American Epilepsy Society Fellows Program (2019)

American Academy of Neurology Child Neurology Resident Leadership Scholarship Award (2019)

Chief Resident, Baylor College of Medicine Pediatric Neurology (2018 - 2019)

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