Family-Centered Care

Because our Newborn Center is part of Texas Children's Hospital, you have the comfort of knowing that your baby will receive the best possible care with the compassion and family-focus that has made us one of the top-ranked children's hospitals in the nation.

At Texas Children's, we know that having a child – especially a newborn – in the hospital is extremely difficult. That's why you'll find that we try to make families comfortable and to promote bonding.

Families are an integral part of a child's care team and we are responsive to your suggestions. In fact, within Texas Children's Newborn Center, parent feedback has shaped many of the benefits and services in our center. These include:

  • Unlimited family presence, including siblings and extended family
  • Accommodations for parents through our on-site Ronald McDonald House
  • Encouraged participation by parents in daily rounds to discuss their baby's progress and care plans
  • Special rooming-in rooms so parents can learn to care for their infants before discharge
  • Breastfeeding support and nutrition counseling
  • Social support, counseling and a respectful, compassionate environment
  • Translation services available 24/7
  • Parent education and follow-up care
  • Family Vision, a video/audio link for mothers in select community hospitals and their babies at Texas Children's Hospital

Listening to families

Texas Children's Newborn Center is committed to providing exceptional, family-centered care. Since families are an integral part of their baby's care team, we created the Newborn Center Family Advisory Committee to promote and enhance family-centered care practices and encourage partnerships between family members and health care professionals. This committee ensures that the "family voice" is heard and included as we continue to develop and refine our services.