Eating and Drinking Before Surgery

Eating and drinking instructions

It is important that your child have an empty stomach to receive anesthesia for surgery. If there is food or liquid in your child's stomach, it can cause choking or vomiting during surgery. Make sure that your child does not sneak snacks after the food and drink cutoff times. If your child does not follow these rules, surgery may be canceled or delayed. 

  • STOP Food 8 hours before your arrival time
  • STOP Milk and Formula 6 hours before your arrival time
  • STOP Breast Milk 4 hours before your arrival time
  • STOP Clear Liquids at arrival time
    • Clear liquids include: water, Pedialyte®, Sprite® or 7-Up®, apple juice (no orange juice)
  • Continue taking all prescribed medications prior to surgery unless otherwise specified    

Let us know...

If your child has a contagious disease such as chicken pox or measles or recently has been around someone with a contagious disease, we must know before you come to Texas Children's for surgery.

Please call us at 832-824-5703 or 832-824-5712. This information will help us protect other patients from highly contagious illnesses.