Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Texas Children’s doing to support Ukraine?

A. Texas Children’s response to the Ukrainian Refugee crisis is multi-pronged and has several phases.

  • Actively working with government agencies, hospitals, and physicians in Romania and Poland to transfer patients with conditions Texas Children’s specializes in for women and children.
  • Coordinating an employee and community donation drive to send personal, feminine, dental and infant hygiene products for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Providing telehealth services and consultations
  • Providing direct medical care and training at Texas Children’s/BCM Center of Excellence in Romania
  • Provided a pediatrician to provide focused pediatric care at the Ukraine/Romania border crossing
  • Showing support through various visual displays:
    • Lit up Main Campus Miracle Bridge, Main Campus Fannin Tower, West Campus and The Woodlands Campus fountains with Ukrainian colors, blue and gold.
    • Flying Ukrainian flags at TCH campus locations
    • Attached Ukraine stickers on all Texas Children’s vehicles
    • TCH Pawsitive Play animal therapy dogs are wearing the colors of Ukraine (3/28 – 4/23)
    • TCH is displaying a Ukraine support internal screensaver (live since 3/24)
Q. Is Texas Children’s accepting patient transfers from Ukraine?

A. We are actively working various channels to transfer patients to Texas Children’s to treat a host of specific conditions we specialize in. We have worked with our contacts at local and national healthcare systems, the State Department (Ukraine Desk, Deputy Director of International Health, Director of the Bureau of Medical Services), the Head of Emergency Response at WHO, the Senior Medical Officer of Medical Operations at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Congressman Mike McCaul, Children's Hospital Association – to name a few, to offer our support to transfer patients to TCH. Every single entity has been advised, at the highest levels, of our willingness to support these patients and families.

Q. Are we sending physicians and providers to Ukraine, Poland, Romania and surrounding countries?

A. Texas Children’s is not sponsoring an effort to send physicians or health care providers to Ukraine, Poland, Romania or surrounding countries. We are working with the Baylor Black Sea Foundation and (BBSF) and recently hired a pediatrician at Tulcea County Hospital, and will continue to support the providers at the Constanta Hospital and BBSF COE. We will provide training and consultations via telehealth and communicate our availability to accept patient transfers from Romania and Poland. For more information on the BBSF, please click here.

Q. Can I send specialized medical/surgical supplies or prescription medication?

A. We have offered to send more than 75 different medications, medical supplies and PPE (by the pallet load) to support the hospitals that need us the most. However, we cannot send prescription medications and specific medical/surgical supplies for a host of risk, legal, logistical and regulatory reasons.

Q. How can I provide financial support?

A. Show your support by making a gift to the Ukraine relief fund today
Website: Texas Children’s stands with Ukraine

Q. How can leaders support the volunteer needs for this event?

A. Assess your current staffing: If your area has the capacity to allow employees to sign up for volunteer shifts to support this event, please notify your team members and encourage their participation. Leaders must be specific in terms of the number of employee volunteers that would be allowed to sign up for any given shift and the timeframe those employees can be away from the work area. Hourly employees who volunteer should submit a PTO request to cover the time spent volunteering.