Conditions We Treat

We treat a wide range of voice disorders in children. Voice disorders can include:

• Rough, breathy or strained voice
• Hoarseness
• Difficulty singing or performing​
• Repetitive voice loss
• Inability to raise the voice
• Pain with talking or singing
• Vocal fold/cord nodules (also known as “singer's” or “screamer's nodules”)
• Vocal fold/cord paralysis
• Vocal fold/cord cysts or polyps
• Laryngeal papilloma
• Trauma to the voice box
• Voice problems as a result of surgery or intubation

Treatment and Care

Your initial visit to Texas Children’s Voice Clinic includes a clinical evaluation given by our speech pathologists. This consists of voice recordings and evaluation of the voice quality. Your child will then see the doctor who will typically do an examination involving a scope (camera) to look at the vocal folds/cord and examine their vibration. During the visit, we will develop a personalized treatment plan which may include voice therapy, medication, or surgery. Our speech pathologists can also communicate with your child's existing speech pathologist regarding treatment recommendations.