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The Voice Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital provides specialized, multidisciplinary treatment for a wide range of pediatric voice disorders. Our clinicians have extensive training in both the care of children and treatment of the voice.

Voice problems and hoarseness, such as vocal fold nodules and vocal fold paralysis, can dramatically impact a child’s interactions with their peers and teachers. Research has indicated that the behavior of children with vocal fold nodules may be more negatively perceived by adults. Children with vocal fold paralysis may have difficulty being heard or understood in noisy environments and may withdraw socially. Early intervention can help lessen these behaviors and improve the ability of these children to communicate.


Active research projects include the investigational use of ultrasound to visualize vocal fold paralysis and vocal fold nodules. Our team is also researching caregiver voice, the voice characteristics of parents and guardians, as well as the development and treatment of vocal fold nodules.