A referral from your physician is required in order to make an appointment at the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer Center and Hematology Clinic.

Physicians may refer a patient to the Vannie Cook Children's Clinic by calling 956-661-9840 or by faxing a referral to 956-661-9841. Physicians are available during non-business hours, weekends and holidays. 

What to Bring to the First Appointment

  • Bring as many of these items as possible to your first appointment:
  • Immunization and medical records of the patient
  • Referral and pertinent lab records
  • If x-rays and/or scans have been obtained, please bring a copy, preferably on a CD (digital copy,) if available
  • If available, please bring pathology slides and paraffin blocks
  • Insurance cards for proof of insurance
  • The social security number of the insurance holder, in order to verify insurance coverage