Our Team

Medical Director - Main Campus

I am a board-certified pediatric surgeon with eight years of experience managing complex neonatal, pediatric abdominal, thoracic, and traumatic surgical conditions. I strive to be a respected leader while demonstrating expertise in leading multi-disciplinary clinical teams, including doctors,… read more
Phone: 832-822-2778

Medical Director - West Campus

Dr. Paul K. Minifee MD, FAAP, FACS is the Chief Surgery Officer and Trauma Medical Director for Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. In addition to trauma, Dr. Minifee has nearly 30 years expertise in the clinical practice of pediatric surgery at Texas Children's Hospital.  He is Professor of… read more
Phone: 832-822-2778

Medical Director - The Woodlands

Dr. Rodriguez is a general pediatric surgeon with research interests in improving outcomes and quality of care for pediatric trauma patients and in clinical trials to improve outcomes following general pediatric surgical operations. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery in General… read more
Phone: 936-267-7333 (The Woodlands)

Associate Medical Directors

Dr. Henkel strives for excellence in the care of ill and injured children in the Emergency Centers at Medical Center, West and The Woodlands Campuses. She educates fellows, residents and medical students during her clinical time as well as through didactics, procedural training and simulation. She… read more
Phone: 832-824-5497
Utilizing a core set of strategies, the Emergency Services department is committed to our vision of improving the health outcomes of all children in emergent and urgent care settings. Additionally, we endeavor to fulfill our mission of providing the highest quality care, experience, education,… read more
Phone: 832-824-5497
Dr. Adam Vogel was born and raised in Hauppauge, New York. As a child and teenager he had frequent visits to his family pediatrician which, combined with an interested in biologic sciences evolved into a desire to pursue a career in medicine and to help sick children. His passion for problem… read more
Phone: 832-822-2778

Assistant Clinical Director

I strive to utilize my passion for trauma nursing to fuel the ongoing pursuit of excellence, quality, and equity in all aspects of trauma patient care. Clinical Interests: Pediatric Trauma, Child Abuse, Injury Prevention, Trauma PI, Trauma Registry; Trauma Research; Research Interests:… read more
Phone: 832-824-5541

Center for Childhood Injury Prevention Manager

Research Interests: Injury and Violence Prevention, Population Health, Equity in Healthcare, Social Determinants of Health
Phone: 832-824-3485

Trauma Education Coordinators

As a bedside Pediatric Emergency Center nurse for almost 7 years, trauma has long been my passion. I loved caring for patients as soon as they entered the EC doors. But there is something equally as special being in the field of trauma education that truly helps provide our patients at Texas… read more
Phone: 832-824-5973
My goal is to ensure trauma care team members deliver patient-centered, safe care in a cost effective manner for every patient, every time. In order to achieve this, I aim to assist them with obtaining new knowledge specific to injured patients and empower them to incorporate new knowledge into… read more
Phone: 832-824-5969

Trauma Process Improvement Coordinator

I believe the providers and caregivers at Texas Children’s Hospital show up every day to provide the best care to sick and injured children that they can, and that the core focus of my role is to enable them to do so safely, efficiently, and effectively. Clinical Interests: Trauma across the… read more
Phone: 832-824-7894

Trauma Coordinator - West Campus

I strive to promote the advancement and availability of trauma care to ensure all patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. I foster and encourage environments of safety, trustworthiness, transparency, and collaboration between patients, health care providers, and… read more
Phone: 832-227-2018

Trauma Nurse Coordinator - The Woodlands

I am working to always improve as a father, husband, nurse coordinator, and leader. Clinical Interests: Trauma
Phone: 936-267-7789