Training Program

Our internal Trauma and Grief Training Program provides training in trauma- and bereavement-informed assessment and treatment to psychology, psychiatry, social work, and other mental health professional trainees. We utilize in-person trainings, live supervision models, and multidisciplinary team meetings to facilitate the learning experience, in addition to weekly supervision.

For additional information on practicum or internship experiences, please contact Luana Da Silva, LCSW at (832) 826-4869 or

The team also provides external trainings to community agencies, schools and school-based mental health clinics, residential treatment facilities, and academic medical centers on topics related to childhood bereavement and trauma, including evidence-based risk screening and assessment, cultural considerations, becoming a trauma- and bereavement-informed organization/school, vicarious traumatization and self-care. In addition, several TAG clinicians have received specialized training as problem-based learning facilitators for the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma, a gold-standard training curriculum focusing on core concepts related to childhood trauma and bereavement.

For additional information on community and/or school-based training opportunities, please contact Marisa Nowitz, LCSW-S at (832) 824-7655 or

The TAG Center also provides large-scale Learning Collaboratives which provide training in the implementation of Trauma and Grief Component Therapy, an evidence-based treatment modality for children who have experienced traumas and/or losses.

For additional information on joining an upcoming learning collaborative, please contact Tim Brown, MPH at (832) 826-4867 or