Planning Your Stay

When planning temporary relocation to Houston for transplant, your family will want to talk to the social worker from your home-based hospital, look to families and friends for help and communicate with members of the Texas Children’s Hospital transplantation teams.

Ask yourself these questions as you develop your plan:

Which family members will stay in Houston during the transplant process?

Many families have to make difficult decisions about whether the entire family or part of the family will relocate to Houston.

Where will we live?

Your social worker or the Texas Children’s Hospital social worker can help you research numerous lodging options. Many families choose to stay at the Houston-area Ronald McDonald House, which is approximately one mile from the Texas Medical Center. The Ronald McDonald House offers a home-away-from-home for families of children undergoing treatment at the Texas Medical Center and provides affordable rates and transportation to the medical center. Short-term lease apartments within two to three miles of the hospital also are available.

Do we have family or friends who could help with our relocation to Houston?

Many families who temporarily relocate to Houston reside with family or friends in the area. The emotional support from loved ones can be very important during the transplant process. In general, patients should remain within one hour of the hospital for the first few weeks after transplant or until clinical stability is established.

Does our insurance plan have provisions for lodging and living expenses?

It is important to know what your insurance plan covers. Some insurance plans provide financial assistance for relocation.

What does our insurance cover out of state or out of my local area?

It is important to contact your insurance provider to determine what provisions (e.g. oxygen and feeding supplies) will be covered upon relocation.