Water Watcher

The Water Watcher Program was developed to encourage parents to better their supervision skills in and around water. At a large gathering at a residential pool or at a public pool, caregivers assume that someone is watching the children while they are in the pool. In reality, no one is. The Water Watcher Program assigns one responsible adult whose sole job is to watch the children while they are in the water. They will do this for about 15-20 minutes, then they may pass it off to another responsible adult. To indicate that you are a Water Watcher, you will wear a Water Watcher tag. A Water Watcher will be assigned even if a lifeguard is present.

A diligent Water Watcher will abide by the following:

  • They will NOT be on their phone
  • They will NOT be reading a book
  • They will NOT be talking to others
  • They will NOT be drinking any alcohol
  • They will be able to administer CPR in case of an emergency
  • They will scan the pool to ensure no dangerous activity is taking place and that all patrons are practice proper water safety skills