Patient and Family Support Services

Our patient and family services program is designed to support you and your child in a variety of ways during your visit.

Care Managers

Care Managers coordinate benefits and services for patients throughout the continuum of his or her visit. Care managers work closely with the health care team and other providers to ensure that patient care needs are addressed prior to discharge. Please call 832-227-1137 to speak with a care manager.

Child Life Services and Pain Management

Child life specialists can help your child understand and cope with his or her health and medical needs by providing age-appropriate developmental, educational and therapeutic interventions.

Child life services can also work with your child to help him or her effectively manage stress and pain, which aids with faster healing and lessens the possibility of long-term psychological effects. Please call 832-227-1180 if you would like a child life specialist to help you and your child.

Clinical Nutrition Services

Registered dietitians and diet technicians make up the clinical nutrition services at West Campus. They work closely with the health care team to make certain that your child’s nutrition needs are met. Our clinical nutrition staff can help with nutrition concerns for healthy children, as well as those that have an acute or chronic medical condition. If you wish to visit with a dietitian while your child is hospitalized, have your nurse contact the dietitian or you may call 832-227-1440 to schedule an outpatient appointment.

Patient and Family Services

Our Patient and Family Services program is designed to support patients and their families in a variety of ways during a child's visit. We can provide information and referrals to both immediate and extended family as well as the following services:

  • Coordination of travel arrangements for families coming from out of town
  • Referrals to non-clinical services and programs available to families while at the hospital
  • Language assistance for those who do not speak English comfortably
  • American Sign Language service
  • Area maps and directions
  • Information about area dining, shopping, hotels and services
  • Access to general business equipment such fax machines and copiers while at the hospital
  • Assistance with concerns, compliments and complaints
  • Help with unexpected needs

Contact a Patient and Family Services representative by dialing 832-227-1500 or visit the welcome desk in the main lobby for further assistance.

Social Work

Social Workers are dedicated to helping your family cope more effectively with life changes associated with a child’s hospitalization. They can help to locate community resources, assist in crisis interventions, provide counseling, educate families on a child's diagnosis and respond to the unique needs of families who come to West Campus. Talk to a hospital staff member to request a visit from a Texas Children’s Social Worker or call 832-227-1138.

Spiritual Care

A hospital staff member can help families access either a chaplain or a clergy person from the community to provide spiritual and emotional support when needed. Patients and families are welcome to visit the chapel which is located on the 3rd floor and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.