Preparing for Surgery

At Texas Children's, we know all about helping children and their families through stressful times like surgeries. Not only does Texas Children's offer excellent medical and surgical care, we also help take care of the emotional needs of your child. We can help you reassure your child, but no one knows your son or daughter better than you. In fact, you play the most important role in preparing your child for surgery and helping to make his or her experience at Texas Children's a positive one.

For Main Campus

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For West Campus

Pre-Surgery Instruction Guide

The forms below are given to families in our clinics when a surgery may be planned. 

Pre-Surgery Instruction Guide

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Preparing your child

As a parent, you play a key role in helping your child prepare for surgery. Here are some simple, age-appropriate ways to educate your child about their surgery and help make it a positive experience. Learn more

Weeks before surgery

In the weeks before your child's surgery, you can do several things to make the experience less stressful. And before the day of surgery, we recommend you complete the 3 Ps: preregistration, preadmission and pretesting.

Day before surgery

The day before surgery you will receive a phone call from Texas Children's informing you of your arrival time for surgery on the next day. This call could come anytime from 10 am to 7 pm. Please call your surgeon's office if you have questions.

You will also need to make sure to follow the correct eating and drinking instructions to prepare your child for surgery. It is important that your child have an empty stomach before receiving anesthesia to prevent choking or vomiting during the procedure. If the proper eating and drinking instructions are not followed, your child's surgery may be delayed or canceled. 

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Day of surgery

Surgeries are performed in 4 locations: Level 3 of Texas Children's West Campus, Level 3 of the West Tower and Level 7 of Mark A. Wallace Tower in the Texas Medical Center. Surgeries are also performed on Level 3 of Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands

On the day of surgery, make sure to arrive at the time given to you over the phone the day prior to surgery. When you arrive, check in on Level 1 for surgery at West Campus, West Tower Level 3 Surgery Reception and Wallace Tower Level 7 Surgery Reception for the Texas Medical Center Campus, or Level 3 Surgery Reception at Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands. Learn more 

Surgery photo tour

Help your child learn what to expect. Take our surgery photo tour.