Staff Development


Throughout the year, as a social worker at Texas Children’s, there are opportunities to be part of the hospital organization by participating in committees or assisting with events. Here are some of the events and activities the social work department participates in throughout the year. 


  • The multicultural committee hosted an immigration resource fair in 2018.


  • The social work department assists with providing Valentine’s Day cards to patients.


  • March is social work month. Throughout the month many departments, including our own, host events to show appreciation to the department.
  • The social work department hosts a yearly Social Work Conference since 2014. This conference provides CEU’s to employees and community social workers.
  • Teddy Bear Clinic is a hospital wide event. During the clinic, children are given the opportunity to act out the roles of various health care staff such as doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians. Children pretend to perform a variety of tests, exams and therapies to diagnosis their Teddy bear’s symptoms and heal its body.
  • The NICU social worker host a March of Dimes fundraiser and participate in the Houston area walk.


  • Child Abuse Awareness Month. Hospital staff are encouraged to wear blue ribbons.
  • The pulmonary department assists with Camp Kindred; a camp for children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and their siblings.
  • The plastic surgery department assists with Camp Keep Smiling; a camp for children with craniofacial differences.


  • The Social Work department assists the Child Life Department in the annual Prom Night for patients.
  • The Heart Center hosts their annual Camp Pump it Up.
  • The SNAP Clinic started coming to TCH one time per month starting in 2018.
  • Our first Beginning of Summer party for patients hosted by One Step Closer Foundation started in 2018.


  • June is Women’s Health Awareness month
  • The Complex Care Clinic hosts an annual resource fair in the community. In June 2018, it was held in partnership with the Health Museum of Houston.


  • This year we will host our first back to school Education fair on July 31, 2018. All patients and families are welcome to attend. 
  • The Social Work department morale committee hosts an annual Summer party for all social workers in the department.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant department assists with Long Term Survivors Challenge; a day of fun activities.


  • The Cancer Center participates in Camp Periwinkle – week long summer camp for kids ages 7 – 15 (children with cancer and siblings).


  • The TCH Cancer Center “goes gold” every September to honor every cancer patient’s courageous journey.


  • The social work department assists the hospital in a yearly Halloween Event.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant hosts a carnival on their floor of the hospital due to patient’s immune deficiencies.


  • The morale committee hosts a Thanksgiving lunch for the social work department.


  • The social work department and the Assistance League of Houston hosts an annual “Giving Party” for patients and families. Each family receives gifts and a catered lunch.


Committees can assist in social work department committees and have activities/events throughout the year for the department. The social work department has the following committees to ensure continued quality social work care.

  • Documentation: To enhance services to patients and their families by creating quality documentation that reflects social work core values, improves interdisciplinary communication, and demonstrates our commitment to our stakeholders.
  • Education: Helps strengthen and enhance the social work department with providing continuing education opportunities.
  • Morale: Fosters a sense of community within the department and strengthens relationships.
  • Multicultural: Enrich the overall quality of social services provided to families
  • Productivity: Captures social work functioning to analyze time of tasks to identify future opportunities for growth.
  • QI (Quality Improvement): To maximize efficiency and effectiveness of Social Work by delivering comprehensive, quality psychosocial services through evidence-based care and best practice.
  • Research: To improve patient care by better supporting the delivery of quality psychosocial services to patients and families through the identification, research, and implementation of superior clinical evidence based practices and the education of our staff about these practices and the current state of the literature.
  • Retention: To help improve the work environments and extend longevity of social workers.
  • Social Media: To enhance social work presence on social media platforms and within Texas Children’s Hospital.
  • Self-Care: To assist employees with opportunities to learn self-care.
  • Support Groups: There are several social work led support groups in the hospital. Some groups are for patients and families while other are for our colleagues

We continuously support our colleagues and show appreciation by hosting events for other disciplines including child life, dieticians, and nursing staff.


Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervision Program

The social work department also has a program for LCSW supervision. This program is free to employees who meet criteria including, but not limited to, employed for at least one year and minimum of a 2 year commitment. This program includes providing psychotherapy to children and women including some crisis management. Group and individual supervision are provided.