Social Worker of the Month

The social work department provides praise to one another with a trophy. Each month a social worker is highlighted for their great work and given the trophy.

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April 2019: Sandy Russell

“So well deserved! Shelby and I work on the same floor with Sandy and witness her tenacity and skill on a daily basis. Go Sandy!!!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to present the Social Worker of the Month Trophy to Sandy Russell. Sandy Russell has played a significant role in guiding and assisting me in addressing difficult CPS cases while in the Rehab Unit. Throughout the years, she has made herself available in addressing questions thoroughly and with clarity. Sandy Russell has also assisted in alleviating potential discharge barriers that otherwise would not have been possible without her CPS knowledge, guidance and support. Sandy Russell contributes an enormous amount of CPS knowledge and has made things happen that seem impossible at times! For those reasons and many more, I am presenting the Social Worker of the Month Trophy to Sandy Russell for all of her support and for never turning me away during her busy schedule.”

January 2019: Nara Cabarello (IRU)

“It is an honor for me to be able to pass this trophy along to a social worker that I know for fact works so very hard and is committed to her families-Inpatient Rehab Social Worker, Nara Caballero. Nara is a spectacular SW who usually remains under the radar in our department, as she stays super busy meeting the demands of IRU. I want to give her this award because she truly deserves it. She has been here 5 years and though I know our job can be really tough at times, she remains positive and thorough. In addition to that, I have learned so much from her as a rehab social worker. She is always willing to help me out even when she herself may have a busy day. I appreciate her in more ways than I can count! Congrats Nara, you deserve it!”

December 2018: Dee Hunter (PMR)

As Co-Social Workers of the Month, Shelby and I are honored to pass the trophy on to the one and only Dee Hunter!  Dee has done amazing work defining and growing the social work role in a historically challenging service line and does it with compassion, honesty, and style.  She’s even initiating a much-needed TBI support group to address emotional hardships suffered by her patients and families.  That’s why Dee Hunter is our SOCIAL WORKER OF THE MONTH!

November 2018: Amanda Harris and Shelby Shilling (Complex Care Clinic)

“I am passing on the Social Worker of the Month trophy to not one, but TWO social workers: Amanda Harris and Shelby Shilling!

As the social workers in the Complex Care Clinic, they embody the values of Social Work and define the word TEAM. Together they have done amazing work on behalf of their patients and families, including a Resource Fair (for which they raised the money for the venue themselves), a clinic newsletter, and an enormously successful Halloween Party for Complex Care kiddos, many of whom had never had the opportunity to go “trick-or-treating” before!

Not only this, but they continue to be positive even under stressful conditions (and we all know that stress in this field is inevitable!). They are always willing to step in and help their “bubble buddies” when asked. 

So here’s to two great social workers!”