Facilities & Equipment


The Texas Children’s Simulation center is a 9,000 square feet facility that is utilized to immerse multidisciplinary teams into simulation training in pediatrics and obstetrics.  The facility includes:

  • 6 Simulets: Smaller clinic exam patient rooms
  • 2 Simulation theaters
  • 3 Debriefing rooms
  • Clinical skills/Task Training room
  • Control room with one-way mirrors to the simulation theaters
  • A master observation room, where you can view each simulation room

In addition, we now have 12 In-Situ Simulation rooms across our Texas Children’s System, which place simulation spaces closer to clinical teams, and more closely mimic their actual spaces.


Within the simulation center we utilize a combination of high fidelity and low fidelity mannequins to immerse learners in simulations so they can respond to scenarios.  We have over 50 high fidelity and low fidelity mannequins that we use throughout the Texas Children’s System.

In addition, we utilize the same medical equipment that is used in the clinical areas to ensure that we are creating as real of an environment as possible for simulation, such as ventilators, crash carts, defibrillators, ECMO circuits, etc.