The Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital opened its nearly 9,000-square-foot facility on November 4, 2009. The center, located on the 19th floor of the Feigin Center, includes simulets (standardized patient rooms), simulation theaters, debriefing rooms and clinical skills rooms, making the center ideal for immersive simulation training in pediatrics and obstetrics.

Clinical Skills Room

This multi-purpose room is used for teaching and observation purposes, as well as for preparing students for simulation exercises. It is equipped with video recording capabilities, a projector, mannequin hookups and space for low-fidelity simulators used in technical skills training.


Each of the 5 simulet rooms mimics a distinct clinic or outpatient care room. Here, students encounter both standardized and simulated patients while learning essential communication and diagnostic skills.

Sim Theaters

Each of the two simulation theaters can be set up to resemble an operating room, an emergency room or an acute care room. Computerized simulators can respond positively or negatively to treatment from caregivers, teaching learners to think quickly in difficult situations.

Labor and Delivery

The labor and delivery room features both a birthing and neonatal simulator. Here learners deliver a baby under a variety of high-risk circumstances. The room features video-recording capabilities and hook-ups for two high-fidelity mannequins.

Debriefing Rooms

Both debriefing rooms are used for immediate review of simulation video-recordings and discussion. They offer a comfortable, conference-style meeting space to facilitate educated dialogue and communication.