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RediStik® Wearable PIV Trainer Kit

Winner of the IMSH2020 SimVentor Award  and the 2022 ANA Team Innovation Award

RediStik® Wearable PIV Trainer Kit - Available on Sawbones

About the RediStik® Wearable PIV Trainer Kit

Trainer Features:

  • Self-sealing textured skin and subcutaneous tissue provide the ability to practice:
    • Visualization, palpation and puncture of the vein with blood flash confirmation
    • Threading of the catheter into the intravascular space
    • Drawing back blood and administering saline flush
    • Dressing placement
  • Lightweight and contoured design allows for quick securement to a person’s or mannequin’s arm
  • Versatile model allows for either tabletop or wearable simulation options
  • Needle-proof backing prevents accidental needle sticks
  • One small and one large vein option accommodates 18 GA to 24 GA needles
  • Clinical testing demonstrated life expectancy averages 1,000+ punctures with 24 GA needles

RediStik® Wearable PIV Trainer Pilot Outcomes:

  • 14 clinical areas surveyed within Texas Children’s Hospital consisting of medical assistants, respiratory therapists, nurses, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and physicians
  • 100% (100 surveyed) recommended to their colleagues for training. See full survey data.
  • Quick setup for Just-in-Time Training and simulation scenarios
  • Worn on a person/mannequin increased staff engagement
  • Large and small rolling vein provide scenarios for palpation/stabilization and difficult access techniques
  • Used to evaluate procedures/policies and new devices/catheters/dressings
  • Progress from novice to advance in venipuncture and PIV insertion
  • PIVIE prevention and PIV trouble shooting
  • Utilized throughout TCH and Global Hope clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Unexpected applications: patient self-infusion, fistula access, CVC trainer

RediStik® PIV Set-up Instructions and Flyer

RediStik® PIV video links:

RediStik® ordering information: