Michael T. Pickett, MSN, APRN, CPNP is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) with over 20 years of clinical experience in pediatrics and leading through innovation. In addition to Michael’s fulltime clinical requirements, he has an interest in creating staff-led solutions through videography and user-centered product design, development, and implementation into clinical practice. Michael is the project lead or co-lead in the design, development, and implementation of many innovative products at TCH and continues to actively work on new user-centered designs to fill identified “Needs” in the healthcare space.

Projects Commercialized:

Based on a needs assessment from frontline clinicians on skills training tools, The RediStik® Task Trainer series of products was developed in collaboration with Sawbones® and successfully launched in 2021. The novel medical simulation series includes the RediStik® Wearable PIV, CVC, and Port Task Trainers designed by frontline nurses at TCH. The surgical simulation trainer series includes the RediStik® ECMO Cannulation Trainer and the RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer co-designed with surgeons at TCH. A cornerstone to the RediStik® Task Trainer Series and other innovation project successes is adopting a multidisciplinary, user-centered, ground-up approach to staff-led solutions by collaborating with end users throughout the entire innovation process.


Michael received the International IMSH 2020 SimVentor Showcase Award and 2022 ANA Innovation Team Award for the RediStik® Wearable Trainers and was the first nurse to trademark and commercialize a new design with Texas Children’s Hospital. Michael has presented the RediStik® Trainers Series at three international conferences highlighting the innovation lessons learned and quality improvement outcomes.

Michael received the Good Samaritan Foundation, 2022 & 2018 Excellence in Nursing, Bronze Medalist Award, and the Houston Chronicle 2022 Salute to Nurses Top 150 Nurses.

Projects in Development:

Michael is co-inventor of the securiTEE™. This intuitive 3D printed device was co-developed with TCH Cardiovascular Anesthesia Division and TCH Radiology Research Department based on a need to safely secure the transesophageal ECHO probe handle during cardiac cases. The device is being utilized daily in the TCH CVOR and Cardiac Catheter labs. Co-inventors are currently working with TCH/Baylor College of Medicine to commercialize the design.

Michael is co-inventor of the NeoEar™. The goal of the NeoEar™ is to create a cost-effective, safe, easy-to-apply, remove and clean, non-skin irritant alternative to reshaping infant ear deformities.  The project is currently involved in an IRB study led by TCH Plastic Surgery Division.

Mentorship/Advisory Roles:

In 2016, Michael helped initiate and became the founding chair of the Innovative Solutions Council (ISC), a new shared governance council at TCH. A cornerstone to the council’s success is connecting to end users within TCH by supporting staff-led solutions from a ground-up approach to innovation. Product design outcomes include two IV pole securement solutions: chest tube and oxygen tank securement devices, which were piloted, validated, and implemented on the intensive care units at TCH.

Michael joined the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Innovation Institute as an advisor in 2018, supporting start-up companies with feedback and networking on their designs from the frontline perspective.

In January 2019 Michael joined the TCH Global HOPE Nursing Advisory Council (NAC) as the nursing innovation expect. The NAC goal is to provide nursing expertise in the development of excellent nursing practice in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (PHO) Centers of Excellence (COE) in Sub-Saharan Africa. In collaboration with the Global HOPE team, the RediStik® Wearable PIV, CVC and Port Trainers and newly created skills videos were piloted in Sub-Saharan Africa clinics and are currently being utilized in Malawi, Uganda, and Botswana.

In January 2022 Michael joined the American Nurses Association Innovation Business, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship Committee as a subject matter expert in this space. Michael will help guide the committee in seeking to align ANA innovation strategy with defining trends that will position nurses to lead transformative change in the future.

Michael has worked at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) for the past 19 years. He has worked in Pediatric Cardiovascular Anesthesia since 2016. Previously, he worked in the TCH Emergency Department for 12 years and prior to that he worked in a private pediatric practice for 3 years as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.


Duke University – Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program

Master of Science in Nursing – 2000

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 1997


PNCB credentialed, Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, 2000