Order Reference Sheet (For Physicians)



  • Main campus: 2 3T Philips, 1 3T Toshiba, 3 1.5 T Philips, 1 3T Siemens
  • Katy/West Campus: 2 1.5T Philips
  • Woodlands: 1 3.0 T Toshiba, 1 1.5T Toshiba

Imaging Numbers

  • MRI knee (R and L without contrast): sports trauma RT- IMG2099  LT- IMG2098
  • MRI ankle (R and L without contrast): sports trauma  RT- IMG2101  LT- IMG2100             
  • MRI pelvis: sports trauma  IMG289
  • MRI hip 3T high resolution non-arthrographic RT- IMG2097, LT IMG2096
    • Notes: our institutional preference is for all arthrographic hip MRI’s to be performed with intra-articular contrast)
  • MRI lower extremity rotation profile (to assess for acetabular, femoral, and tibial version) IMG2506
  • MRI upper and lower extremity infection (R and L) UPPER RT- IMG2616, UPPER LT- IMG2521,  LOWER RT- IMG2522,  LOWER LT- IMG2614
    • Notes: If the child is from 3-8 years old, all will be screened to determine if they are a candidate for our limited non-sedate infection protocol


  • MRI shoulder arthrograms (provide fluoro+MR IMG) FL- IMG2244  MRI- RT IMG872, LT- IMG871
  • MRI hip arthrogram (provide fluoro+MR IMG) FL- IMG2244   MRI- RT IMG1755, LT- IMG1754
  • MRI combo limited modifier JIA pre-injection followed by steroid injection (Please email mskradiology@texaschildrens.org for specific instructions on how to order.)
  • Ganglion cyst fenestrations IMG2658
  • Small joint injections (fingers, toes) IMG2242
  • Medium joint injections (elbow, wrist, ankle) IMG2243
  • Large joint injections (shoulder, hip, knee) IMG2244
  • Tendon sheath injections IMG2056
  • CP hip steroid injections IMG2244
    • Notes: 1. Please indicate if you wish to add steroids or Ropivicaine to the arthrographic procedure in the comments section. The arthrographic procedure as well as the diagnostic/therapeutic steroid/Ropivicaine procedure can be performed during the same procedure
    • 2. For emergent arthrocentesis to rule out infection, please call (IR-Main campus at 832-824-6333, IR-West Campus at 832-227-2621 or 832-227-4577, IR Woodlands at 936-267-5062)

MSK US top 5

  • Ganglion cyst wrist  RT- IMG2530,  LT- IMG2424
  • Glenohumeral dysplasia RT- IMG2428,  LT- IMG2527 
  • DDH with manipulation IMG1682,  w/o manipulation IMG553
  • Hip for effusion IMG2558
  • Shoulder  RT- IMG2428,  LT- IMG2527 

MSK CT top 5


  • Main Campus 1 Toshiba Aquilion 320 detector CT, 1 Toshiba Aquilion 160 detector CT
  • Katy/West Campus: 1 GE Lightspeed 64 detector CT
  • Woodlands: 1 Toshiba Aquillion 160 dectector CT

Imaging Numbers

  • CT knee non-contrast (R & L) RT- IMG2637  LT- IMG2636
  • CT ankle non-contrast (R & L) RT- IMG2441  LT- IMG2440
  • CT dynamic knee (for patellofemoral dysplasia (3 separate CT acquisitions at 40, 20, and 0 degrees of knee flexion. Both knees are always included with a dynamic exam)
  • CT version (to evaluate lower extremity rotation profile only when there are contraindications for MRI lower extremity rotation profile)
    • Acetabular RT- IMG2443, LT- IMG2442
    • Femoral RT- IMG2443, LT- IMG2442
    • Tibial  RT- IMG2443, LT- IMG2442
  • CT 3D post processing- IMG2017

MSK 3D printing

  • IMG IMG2376, IMG2017