About Us

Texas Children’s Department of Radiology brings together world-class expertise, leading-edge technology and renowned physicians to provide comprehensive, accurate and safe imaging. As one of the nation’s most active pediatric radiology programs, we have the depth and breadth of experience to provide the highest quality care for your child at numerous locations throughout the Houston area.

Our equipment and methods are designed especially for children. Your child’s safety is our primary concern, and we subscribe to the guidelines of Image Gently®, the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. Our goal is to keep radiation dosage as low as possible, while achieving the most accurate image. Many of the innovative imaging methods we offer are available at only a few pediatric hospitals in the nation.

Team approach to care

The board-certified pediatric radiologists and other physicians in the Department of Radiology are committed to the highest-quality imaging, which includes participating in a range of research to lead to more accurate and efficient methods. They are supported by a highly trained team of nurses, technologists and staff.

Our child-friendly environment helps put your child at ease. Dedicated child-life specialists help your child relax with special age-appropriate games and activitie. When necessary, we can provide sedation or general anesthesia.

Outstanding service

Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Radiology welcomes the opportunity to provide second opinions and collaborate with health care providers about the care of their patients. We offer lifeIMAGE, a safe and secure image-sharing service, to make this process easier and more effective for patients and providers.

Imaging tests are offered at Texas Children’s Main Campus in the Texas Medical Center, Texas Children’s West Campus and convenient locations in community.

If you have questions or want to make an appointment, call 832-TC4-XRAY (832-824-9729). An order from your doctor is needed to make an appointment.