Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant Fellowship

Overview of Orthopedic PA Fellowship Program  

Providing Advanced Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Training to Physician Assistants 

The Orthopedic Physician Assistant Fellowship Program at Texas Children’s Hospital is the first of its kind in the country to provide a specialized training opportunity specifically for physician assistants. This intensive12-month didactic and clinical pediatric orthopedic training program ensures a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a full spectrum of pediatric orthopedic surgical subspecialties, including hip, lower extremity, spine, sports, upper extremity, trauma, and tumor.  

The one-year program includes clinical pediatric orthopedic subspecialty experience, dedicated research time, and specialty workshops to include suture, cadaver and simulation labs. Training will be provided in clinics, on the surgical floors and in the operating room and will involve pre-, intra- and post-operative care. Learn more about our curriculum.  

The program is led by Dr. Larry Hollier, Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director; Ryan Krasnosky, PA-C, DrPH, Assistant Medical Director; Kris Marsack, Academic Director; Jacqueline Broda, PA-C, Program Director; Jordan Rodriguez, Project Manager; Magda C. Gonzalez, PA Fellowship Academic Coordinator, Dr. Scott Rosenfeld, Chief of Orthopedic PA Fellowship Program, Tanisha George Daugherty, Orthopedic Fellowship Lead, and Valerie Parrish, Orthopedic Fellowship Lead.

This fellowship program is suitable for both new PA program graduates as well as experienced physician assistants who would like to plan and/or redirect their future career in a surgical subspecialty.  

Credentials Awarded   

Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate will be awarded from the Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Surgery.  

Physician Assistant Training at Texas Children’s Hospital  

The pediatric orthopedic PA fellowship program at Texas Children’s Hospital was established in 2017. The fellowship program has evolved, grown, and has proven that physician assistants are integral in the success of the department of surgery.  

Accreditation Status 

Texas Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant Fellowship Program has applied for Postgraduate Accreditation - Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). Texas Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant Fellowship Program anticipates review of its application for Postgraduate Accreditation - Provisional status at the February 2022 ARC-PA meeting.

Contact Us  

For more information about the Orthopedic Physician Assistant Fellowship program, contact 

Magda C. Gonzalez, PA Fellowship Academic Coordinator
Texas Children’s Hospital, Department of Surgery  
Email: mcgonzal@texaschildrens.org 
Phone: 832-822-6889