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After Surgery in the Womb, a Baby Kicks Up Hope (January 15, 2018)

After undergoing experimental surgery for spina bifida in September while still in the womb, a baby boy was born.

Scars unite new mom, son (March 8, 2017)
Mothers and children carry deep bonds, some more obvious than others. Johnna Kerres and her son, Everett, now 5 months old, show theirs in the form of scars.

Dancer thanks brain surgery for epilepsy cure (December 20, 2016)
A dream come true made possible for this tiny dancer because of a real-life turn of events that led her to Texas Children's Hospital.

Girl, 8, thrives after doctors shut down half her brain (October 14, 2016)
Born as a micro preemie fighting for her life, Sammy Folloder was beating the odds when doctors suggested a surgery that sounded like something out of a horror movie.

Eight-year-old thrives after doctors remove half of her brain (October 7, 2016)
One little girl has not only survived a rare procedure, but has recovered faster than doctors expected her to. 

Toddler goes home after year-long recovery from dog attack (September 23, 2016)
Kinley Golden has come a long way since October 2015, when her grandparents' dog attacked without warning.

First pediatric patient in Texas to use new device against seizures (August 17, 2016)
Last month, a Texas Children's patient became the first pediatric patient in Texas to get the device, Neuropace RNS, which is almost like a pacemaker in the brain.