The Texas Children’s Microbiome Center advances the mission of Texas Children’s Hospital by pursuing metagenomic (the study of microbial genomes) and microbiome research related to the care of women and children.
While many view microbes (such as bacteria) negatively, the truth is that humans host a large variety of microbes that are beneficial or necessary to our health. (For instance, you may have heard of  probiotics and/or the beneficial effects of live cultures in yogurt.)

Quite simply, the term “Microbiome” refers to the entire microbial environment that lives in and... Read more

Our Team

The research team at Texas Children's Microbiome Center explores how beneficial microbes can promote health, relieve disease, and prevent illness. As a team of scientists, we seek to understand the nature of the gut microbiome and molecular mechanisms of probiosis in pediatric intestinal biology. Our aim is to improve the global health of children by focusing on early gut development and chronic intestinal disorders of childhood such as inflammatory bowel disease and recurrent abdominal pain.