Research and Education

We also relentlessly continue to push ourselves in clinical care, education and research to abide by our stated mission. Below we have highlighted manuscripts, book chapters and abstracts since 2016 that represent the breadth of clinical and educational efforts of our team that will advance this field.


Book Chapters:

  • Desai MS, Lion R, Arikan AA. Critical Liver Failure: Pathophysiological Considerations and Current Management. Current Concepts In Pediatric Critical Care. 2016; 1(1):143-163.
  • Tamir Miloh, Desai MS. Acute Liver Failure in children. Rudolph’s Pediatrics, 23rd Edition.


  • Noelle Gorgis, Kathleen Thompson, Ayse Arikan, Jorge Coss-Bu, Curtis Kennedy, Fong Lam, Tamir Miloh, John Goss, Moreshwar Desai. Clinical consequences of cardiomyopathy in children with biliary atresia requiring liver transplantation. [oral presentation at AASLD, Washington DC 2017].
  • Z. Khan, A. Arikan, M.S. Desai, F.W. Lam, J.A. Goss, T.A. Miloh. Retrospective study of renal replacement therapy after pediatric liver transplantation [accepted for presentation at AASLD, Washington DC 2017].
  • Arikan AA. Kennedy C, Srivaths. P, Nguyen TN, Lam FW, Lion. R, Himes R, Braun M, Goss J, Desai M. Hybrid extracorporeal therapies as a bridge to pediatric liver transplantation. [8th World congress of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care, Toronto, Canada June 2016.]
  • Lam F, Thompson K, Arrington A, Nguyen T, Goss J, Himes R, Arikan A, Desai M. Dedicated Liver Intensive Care Team improves peri-operative outcomes in children with liver failure.[Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2016, Orlando, FL]

National Symposium on management of critically ill children with liver failure
will be organized at Texas Children's Hospital titled:

Managing A Critically Ill Child With Liver Failure: Past, Present, and the Future
October 4, 2018 • Thursday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m

At the Taussig Conference Center, 16th Floor
Legacy Tower E.