Our Team

Service With Heart
The International and Destination Medicine team works on behalf of our international patients and in support of our efforts to improve pediatric medicine around the world.

The International and Destination Medicine team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals experienced in managing the needs of international patients and ensuring optimal outcomes that address quality, service, and patient and family satisfaction. All members of our team are well versed in cultural complexities and sensitivities, and can help families to navigate through their healthcare needs while at Texas Children’s. 


  • Ivett Tamez Shah, Senior Vice President
  • Joann Lee, Director
  • Iman Shebaro, Assistant Director

Medical Team

  • Armando G. Correa, MD, Medical Director, International and Destination Medicine

International Business Development Specialist

  • Claudia Flores Smith

International and Destination Medicine Coordinators

Our International Patient Coordinators assist international patients at all stages of their health care experience while at Texas Children’s Hospital or at the Pavilion for Women. Coordinators are here to assist the patient and family in managing their needs from the time of the initial request, through receiving care, to the completion of care and the continuation of subsequent recommended treatments in their home country.

  • Sabah Abdouh
  • Consuelo Aldaco
  • Olga Arroyo
  • Sandra Fattal
  • Tara Hammoudi
  • Laura Hartaway
  • Areej Jumaah
  • Lily Martinez
  • Julia Barreda Wong
  • Rana Zabalawi

International Intake Coordinator

  • Youssef Hrar

Arabic Interpreters

At Texas Children's, Language Services provides assistance throughout the patient's stay. Interpreter services are available 24/7 to help patients and families communicate with caregivers in the language with which they are most comfortable.

  • Said Najmi
  • Sandra Yacoub

International Financial Counselor

  • Lance Maxwell 

Clinical Nurse Coordinator

  • Brittany Walters

Administrative Assistant

  • Yajaira Mancia