International Education

Utilizing educational programs as a foundation for sustainable collaboration in resource-limited settings

Over the past 25 years, the International Education Program at Texas Children’s Hospital has operated a suite of educational programs with the goal of transferring knowledge in pediatric and women’s health. As an academic medical center, Texas Children’s Hospital has a unique opportunity to provide sustainable benefits to resource-limited settings (RLS) by extending our educational mission.

Our goals are to:

  • Establish a foundation for long-term inter-institutional collaboration
  • Ensure bi-directional benefit in RLS
  • Utilize established relationships as platforms to address health care needs in RLS

International Visiting Scholars

Since 2007, this four week, customized visiting scholar immersion program has allowed selected physicians to obtain knowledge needed to lead the development of programs in their home institutions.

  • 403 visiting scholars trained
  • 28 sub-specialties
  • 4 countries represented
  • 80% of participating countries were RLS International Speakers Bureau

International Speakers Bureau

Since 2014, teams of Texas Children’s professionals have been deployed to educational forums in RLS.

  • Speakers have attended 16 conferences in 3 RLS countries
  • Reached more than 25,000 learners
  • Partnered with 13 organizations

Looking to the future, the International Education Program plans to continue to reduce education gaps in RLS, build our alumni network of health professionals, and leverage the network for multi-directional learning.