Cochlear Implants

Texas Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive services to evaluate and implant children with cochlear implant devices. Cochlear implantation is one of the most innovative treatment options available for a child with profound deafness or hearing loss.

To become a candidate for cochlear implantation, a child is assessed by a team of specialists including audiologists, otolarngologists, sometimes called ENTs (for ear, nose and throat specialists). Tests include high resolution scans to examine the structure of the ear, extensive hearing evaluations, and evaluation by a variety of other specialists such as a psychologist, geneticist, speech-language pathologist and surgeon.

If the evaluation suggests cochlear implantation surgery is the appropriate treatment for a child, the center’s specialists handle the surgery and the activation of the cochlear implant device as well as supervise a thorough follow-up program of support for the child and family. The program provides guidelines and support for teachers and other educational personnel who work with the child on a regular basis.