What We Offer

Our team of experts – which includes ethicists, urologists, gynecologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, geneticists, and psychologists – can:

  • Recommend an appropriate course of treatment
  • Work with your patients and their parents to decide sex of rearing
  • Evaluate the patient’s capacity for normal sexual function
  • Determine timing of surgery
  • Support a stable sexual identity for the child

We know that gender assignment decisions are difficult for parents, so parental involvement in the decision-making process for sex assignment or sex of rearing is a major component of our approach. Parents are provided with all of the diagnostic results and a significant amount of time is spent explaining the meaning of the test results.

You are given the opportunity to ask the opinion of each respective specialist concerning the most appropriate sex assignment before making a decision. The psychologist participates in these discussions to ensure that you, as the parents, understand the information presented to you.

In addition to presenting information, our team members frequently encourage parents to voice questions or concerns, engage with us in dialog, and review the information. We make clear that sex assignment or sex of rearing in these cases encompasses the most likely gender role, sexual function, and reproductive function based on the biologic data. We always stress the uncertainty about such sex assignments and explain that sexual orientation cannot be predicted for any child with perfect accuracy by either the family or physician.

In cases in which the sex is not clear, families may opt to delay performing definitive genital surgery.

Request a Consultation

Parents who would like to schedule a consultation with our team of experts should ask their primary care provider or pediatrician to make a referral. Your doctor should fill out this form and fax it back to us at 832-825-9068.