Disney Experiences

How Disney Team of Heroes Comes to Life

The mission of Disney Team of Heroes is to deliver comfort and inspiration to families with children facing serious illness by reimagining the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals. Disney Team of Heroes comes to life by providing patients and families with special opportunities for shared experience, exploration and play. Exceptional offerings and one-of-a-kind spaces celebrate the resilient spirit of children everywhere by facilitating moments of comfort, joy, empowerment and choice, as well as the chance to connect with family and beloved Disney friends during each visit.

Reimagined Spaces
Reimagined spaces create a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

Personal Moments
Personal Moments create moments of connection and empowerment.

Engaging Content & Events
Engaging content and events delight with a variety of entertainment and transformative events.

Staff Engagement
Staff engagement provides opportunities for employees to connect and feel part of this work.