Transition Program

Transitioning from Pediatric Care to Adult Care – We are here to help!

The Texas Children's Diabetes and Endocrine Care Center enjoys caring for teens with diabetes and endocrine conditions. In the future, teens will move from our pediatric center to an adult diabetes or endocrine doctor.

To help teens with type 1 diabetes of all ages prepare for the transition from pediatric care to adult care, the Texas Children’s Diabetes Care Center:

  • Offers a Transition Clinic, a new Transition Navigator Program (see below) and a workshop for families to attend.
  • Starts preparing our adolescents for the eventual transition to adult care and adulthood early in the teen years.
  • Recommends the where, when, how and why of the move to adult care be discussed and planned in advance with your pediatric diabetes team.

As a teen, there are a lot exciting activities going and preparing for adult care might seem like an uncertain journey. However, teens do not have to go on the journey alone because the team of providers at the Texas Children’s Diabetes Care Center can help.

Video Blogs - Diabetes Transition Medicine

Transition Clinic

Texas Children’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center has a Diabetes Transition Medicine Clinic for teens 16 and older co-led by Drs. Sarah Lyons and Daniel DeSalvo. The clinic focuses on intensive diabetes management and preparation for adulthood. 

Additional Information

If you have any question about the transition process from pediatric care to adult care, please contact your diabetes doctor, or email your questions to