Initial Visit

Going to a medical appointment can be stressful for children and their caregivers.  The information below will help you understand what to expect during your child’s initial visit to the Meyer Center. If your child is currently on our waiting list, we highly recommend that caregivers also attend our Waitlist Informational Workshop prior to their child being seen. CLICK HERE to detailed information on this workshop and how to sign up to attend.

Expectations for the Initial Visit

The initial evaluation may include extensive history-taking, review of previous evaluations, and standardized developmental-behavioral testing. This testing will look different depending on the concerns identified in the referral, the age and developmental level of your child, and the provider evaluating your child.

Following the evaluation, your child may receive a diagnosis or may be referred for additional evaluation and testing.   The family will be given detailed recommendations, including diagnosis-specific resource information and recommendations and referrals for interventions and treatment services in the community. You will receive a summary of recommendations on the day of your visit but will receive a detailed evaluation report a few weeks after your visit.

Because the Meyer Center does not offer treatment services, your child will be referred back to your primary care doctor for ongoing care.  Your child may be referred for reevaluation at the Meyer Center if new concerns arise or during significant transition periods (such as the start of preschool).  Your family will have access to the Meyer Center social work and nursing teams for ongoing support and education as needed.