Transition Resources

Transition Planning

Caregivers of children with developmental disabilities often worry about their children’s future and what they can do to help prepare their children and adolescents for the adult world.   Planning for your child’s transition to adult-based services – health care, community programs, etc. – includes consideration of several issues:

  • What can my child do for herself?  Is she able to take care of her own needs?
  • Does he understand his diagnosis?  Does he know how and when to take his medicines?
  • What will she do after high school?  Will she be able to work?
  • Can he live by himself or will he always live with me?
  • Who will take care of her if I am not able to?

For guidance regarding transition planning, it is essential to communicate with your child’s school, doctors and therapists regarding their recommendations.   There are many helpful websites and community organizations that help caregivers navigate the transition from pediatric to adult services.