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Grief is a natural reaction to the death of a loved one. This often overwhelming emotion can cause distress and sorrow, and it affects everyone differently. There is no simple way to go through the grieving process. We recognize the death of your loved one is a profound loss. We hope you are able to find the support, comfort, and information you need throughout your journey.

While we wish there was a timeframe for “feeling better” we know that everyone goes through grief differently and at a different pace. After a period of time passes, if you are still feeling extremely angry, don’t want to socialize or wonder if you’re ever going to get through this, you may need to consider professional help.  Professionals can help you process your feelings through counseling and/or advise you on medications that might help.

If you feel as though you need help working through your grief, call your primary care provider or the local medical center for assistance. A 24-hour Crisis Hot-line from the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD is also available at 713-970-7000, option 1.

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