Student Opportunities

Texas Medical Center Child Life Workshop and Shadowing Opportunities

For those interested in becoming a Child Life Specialist, we are happy to offer guidance and direction below. Please note that the requirements to become a Certified Child Life Specialist are currently in a transition phase. The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) has outlined the requirements by certification exam date. Please consider the time frame in which you plan to take the certification exam and review the specific academic and clinical requirements for your current student status at

Texas Children’s Hospital collaborates with child life programs in the Texas Medical Center to offer a Texas Medical Center Child Life Workshop twice a year. During the Child Life Workshop students will learn about the child life profession, the role of a Child Life Specialist, applying for a practicum and internship, and the certification process. There are no requirements to attend the Child Life Workshop.

In order to shadow a Child Life Specialist at Texas Children's Hospital you must first attend the Texas Medical Center Child Life Workshop. After attending, students have the opportunity to schedule a time to shadow a child life specialist in the Texas Medical Center for a two hour time frame. In compliance with hospital policies, shadow participants must be at least 18 years old and be a high school graduate to partake in a shadow opportunity.

To receive event information for the Texas Medical Center Child Life Workshop, please email with your name and email address or call 832-826-1650.

Child Life Practicum

A child life practicum is a pre-internship experience open to individuals interested in pursuing a child life internship.

To learn more about the practicum expectations, requirements and application due dates click here.

Applicants must:

For more information or to have your questions answered, please call 832-826-1650 or email

Child Life Internship

Our child life internship is an opportunity for last semester college seniors, graduates or graduate students to refine advanced clinical skills.

For more information or to have your questions answered, please call 832-826-1650 or email

For additional general information about practicums, internships, certification, and the child life profession, please visit the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) website.

Music Therapy Internship

Texas Children’s Hospital offers two music therapy internship opportunities each calendar year. Based on the date of submission, each internship will focus on either acute care, the neonatal intensive care unit, OR renal units, as well as a hospital wide group session held each Friday morning; please inquire with the internship director regarding the primary location of upcoming internship rotations.

Each intern will have the opportunity to observe and provide services to other hospital units through intern projects, ongoing pilot projects and research programs.

In order to be considered for this internship, interns must adhere to AMTA Association Internship Approval Committee regulations, must have acquired all competency-based prerequisites for internship (including both coursework completion and clinical experience) required by both the AMTA approved college/university and the internship program, and demonstrate the following skills as part of the interview/consideration process:

  • The ability to play piano and guitar while singing in tune
  • A clean and professional appearance
  • A demonstrated interest and an understanding of the pediatric population through course work and/or self-initiated reading and study.

Music Therapy Internship Fact Sheet and Application

Music Therapy 101

For those who are interested in becoming a music therapist, learning more about the field, or learning about the program at Texas Children’s Hospital. This educational evening will provide an overview of music therapy as an allied health field, pathways into the profession, and information about the program here at TCH as well as how to shadow a TCH music therapist.

Music Therapy 101 attendance is a prerequisite to shadowing the music therapists at TCH for anyone not currently enrolled in a music therapy degree program.

To receive more information about Music Therapy 101 and to RSVP for upcoming dates, please email