Our Team

With more than 50 professionals, Texas Children's Child Life Department is made up of a variety of teammates, all striving to positively impact the patient and family experience throughout the hospital stay.

Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists are available to ease your child’s anxiety and help him or her feel more comfortable in the hospital. They use age-appropriate explanations to help children know what to expect while at the hospital. Child Life Specialists know that the hospital can bring up different feelings for your child. Therefore, they will work with you to support your child’s emotional needs. Child Life Specialists also provide play opportunities to support your child’s growth and development. We currently have 30+ child life specialists on our team.

Child Life Specialists:

  • Work with families to help prepare children for upcoming hospitalization or surgery
  • Provide children (patients or siblings) with developmentally appropriate education regarding illness and treatment
  • Provide play opportunities to encourage coping, development and expression of feelings for patients and siblings
  • Develop coping plan and provide various methods of distraction during medical tests and procedures
  • Assist parents in creating effective methods to help siblings cope with a patient’s illness or treatment
  • Support families confronting grief and bereavement
  • Assist patients with developmental delays and/or autism who need accommodations or support during medical treatment
  • Assist in maintaining a connection with siblings at home and friends at school
  • Advocate for patient and family centered care

Activity Coordinators

Child Life Activity Coordinators promote coping through self-expression, creativity and play. Activity Coordinators provide events and activities that encourage patients and siblings to remain playful in the hospital setting. Activity Coordinators encourage developmentally appropriate play opportunities for patients and their families. They are able to promote socialization, and peer-to-peer interactions during structured playroom time, group activities and bedside activities. 

Our Child Life Activity Coordinators:

  • Develop programming and play throughout the hospital
  • Support volunteers who work in playrooms and at the bedside
  • Assist families in accessing school services in the hospital
  • Encourage movement, socialization and development through play