Kids’ Own Studio

Kids’ Own Studio is connected to the Child Life Zone and exists to enhance the patient and family experience by providing a world-class studio to fulfill the production dreams of patients and families. Patients are offered choices and control of their environment via instrument selection, video settings, and participation in interactive closed-circuit television. This ensures patients and families leave with positive memories and experiences during their stay at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The Child Life Media Producer successfully manages the technical assets which enable video and audio production of Kids Own Studio programming throughout Texas Children’s and its’ affiliated sites. The Media Producer provides programming to meet normalization and expressive needs of hospitalized children through Kid’s Own Studio. Specifically, producing interactive programming for broadcast on our closed-circuit station, ZTV19, and video project consultations by your child’s Child Life team member. These media production interventions promote positive coping by providing opportunities for greater self-concept, and emotional expression.   

Additionally, the media producer oversees our online community by maintaining the Child Life Zone/Kid’s Own Studio social media accounts.

To learn more about events occurring in Kids’ Own Studio and ZTV19, follow us on Twitter @CLZoneHOU or if you have questions regarding the Kids’ Own Studio and Programming, please email