Frequently Asked Questions about the Scholars of Excellence Program

What is the Scholars of Excellence (SOE) program?

The SOE program supports the most promising young cancer researchers at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Why is the SOE program important?

Young cancer researchers need support for their research in the early years of their career development—the time during which they gain the skills and experience required to eventually become successful, independently funded researchers. Support for the Scholars of Excellence Program will have a transformational impact on our ability to jump-start the careers of some of this country’s most outstanding young pediatric cancer researchers and will help ensure that they remain in Houston.

How are Scholars chosen?

Each year, a scientific advisory board of senior researchers at Texas Children’s Cancer Center submits a list of potential candidates who meet the rigorous Scholars of Excellence academic criteria. Donors are able to choose the scholar they wish to support.

How do I make a donation?

Donate online at

Donate by mail to:

Texas Children’s Hospital
1919 S. Braeswood Blvd, Ste. 5214
Houston, Texas 77030

Lisa McCoy

If you have questions or need information about how to make a donation using a credit card, please contact:

Lisa McCoy
Associate Director of Donor Relations
Cancer and Hematology Center
Texas Children's Hospital

Will I have the opportunity to interact with the Scholar?

Donors will have the opportunity to meet personally with the scholar they support and will receive periodic updates on their scientific progress.

How will my donation be recognized?

All donors will become members of the Scholars of Excellence Council and will be recognized in all Scholars of Excellence program materials. They will also be recognized in the following ways: 

  • Donors’ names will be prominently displayed on a SOE donor wall.
  • Donors will be named in the scientific presentations and publications of the Scholars they have supported.
  • Donors will have the opportunity to name Scholars of Excellence.

How does the SOE program help my community?

Supporting Scholars of Excellence will provide cancer researchers with a stable base of research funding that will help ensure that they stay in Houston. Their many scientific breakthroughs will bring credit to Houston and significantly contribute to the overall strength of scientific research in Texas.

How will funding the SOE program help in the fight against cancer?

With an investment in the “intellectual capital” that the SOE program represents, you will be supporting the best and brightest young researchers in the nation and enabling them to conduct groundbreaking research that yields new therapies and to make scientific advances that will improve the cure rates of children with cancer.

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