Nutrition Class

Beanie’s Nutrition Basics 101

A drop-in beginner nutrition class for all ages.

What is it?

Beanie’s Nutrition Basics is a nutrition class offered by the Texas Children's registered dietitians. Through our work at Texas Children's we have found a growing need for nutrition education surrounding healthy eating guidelines for children and adolescents. Unfortunately obesity, and being overweight is becoming more commonplace among the child and adolescent populations and our goal is to change that. We want to offer these classes as a first line of defense against overweight and obesity.  

Our goal is provide nutrition information in a way that is easy to understand and to provide tips and tricks to help parents and children make healthier food choices. Additionally, we will provide more information about weight management programs offered at Texas Children's and throughout our community.

Who is it for?

This class will be offered to all Texas Children's patients of any age whose care providers feel they could benefit from nutrition education on healthy eating guidelines. To attend a class, a patient will need a referral card from their provider, which can be found on the Weight Management & Obesity web page, intranet and in clinics. If you would like a copy of the referral card click here.

How to refer

Simply print out the referral card, place a patient sticker on the indicated section and give that to your patient. The class is no charge and free to the patient. All the information about the time and place of the class is on the referral card. For any questions, please call Madelyn Wilson MS, RD, LD at 832-822-0615.


Classes are held every Monday and Thursday from 2 -3 pm at the Texas Children’s Main Campus in the CCC/Mark A Wallace Tower on the 11th floor.

There will be six different topics covered over the course of the year:

  • Jan- Feb: Healthy eating guidelines and mindful eating
  • Mar – Apr: Healthy eating guidelines and how to read food labels
  • May-Jun: Healthy eating guidelines and tips for dining out
  • Jul – Aug: Healthy eating guidelines and avoiding excess sugar
  • Sept-Oct: Healthy eating guidelines and tips for cooking veggies
  • Nov-Dec: Healthy eating guidelines and tips for the holidays

For more information

Please contact Madelyn Wilson MS, RD, LD

Phone: 832-822-0615