Bariatric surgery is a tool to help with weight loss. Adolescents undergoing major surgery will need the support of their family to initiate and maintain lifestyle changes including healthy eating and regular exercise. Sustaining these changes can be difficult; meeting regularly with other patients and their families is beneficial for clarification and motivation of making healthier choices. 

Monthly Bariatric Resource Group attendance is required for all patients . After the initial visit with the Bariatric Surgery Program, the team will provide the patient with additional information regarding the Bariatric Resource Group.

2023 Resource Group Dates and Topics

Join the Texas Children’s Bariatric Surgery Team and the Baylor College of Medicine’s Choosing Healthy, Eating Fresh (CHEF) team to learn tips, tricks and new strategies to help meet your pre-surgery goals and set you up for success after surgery. All meetings are virtual and will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 4-5pm. Please register at the link below.

  • January 10th – Tips on How to Improve Mental Health
  • February 14th – Exercising at Home
  • March 14th – Cooking Demo with an RD
  • April 11th – Importance of Healthy Sleep and Cpap Compliance
  • May 9th – CHEF Cooking Demo
  • June 13th – Post Op Goals and Protein Supplements
  • July 11th – CHEF Cooking Demo
  • August 8th – Bariatric Surgery Panel Q&A
  • September 12th – Meal Prepping
  • October 10th – CHEF Cooking Demo
  • November 14th – Managing Mental Health During the Holidays
  • December 12th – Staying Healthy During the Holidays