Speech and Hearing Checklist

By 6 months of age

  • Does your infant stop moving or crying when you call him/her, make noise or play music?
  • Does your infant startle when he/she hears a sudden, loud sound?
  • Can your infant find the source of a sound?

By 12 months of age

  • Does your baby make sounds such as "ba," "ga" or "puh"?
  • Does your baby respond to sounds such as footsteps, a ringing telephone or a spoon stirring in a cup?
  • Does your baby use one word in a meaningful way?

By 18 months of age

  • Does your child follow simple directions or respond to simple questions without gestures, such as "Go get your shoes"; "Show me your nose;" and "Where is Mommy?"
  • Will your child correctly imitate sounds you make?
  • Does your child use at least three different words meaningfully?

By 24 months of age

  • When you show your child a picture, can he correctly identify five objects you name?
  • Can your child say at least 20 different words?
  • Does your child combine words to make little sentences such as "Daddy go bye-bye"; "Me water;" or "More juice?"

By 3 years of age

  • Does your child remember and repeat parts of simple rhymes or songs?
  • Can your child tell the difference between words such as "my-your;" "in-under;" "big-little?"
  • Can your child answer simple questions such as "What is your name?" or "What flies?"

By 4 years of age

  • Does your child use three to five words in an average sentence?
  • Does your child ask a lot of questions?
  • Does your child answer or speak fluently without stuttering or stammering?

By 5 years of age

  • Can your child talk for awhile about things that have happened?
  • Is your child’s voice normal (not hoarse) or does your child talk through his/her nose?
  • Can other people understand almost everything your child says?