Hearing Evaluations and Auditory Processing Evaluations


Hearing aid evaluations

The Texas Children's Hospital Audiology Center provides hearing aid evaluations and fittings for infants and children of all ages. There are a variety of ways to communicate with and educate a hearing-impaired child. If the parents choose an oral approach, then hearing aids must be fit as soon as possible in order for the child to learn speech and language to his/her full potential.
A child is never too young to have his hearing tested or to be fit with hearing aids. In fact, research shows that the sooner the hearing loss is identified and hearing aids are fit, the greater the chance the child has of learning speech and language.
The audiologists at Texas Children's Hospital have extensive experience fitting and dispensing a variety of hearing aids, including digital-programmable, analog-programmable, and conventional hearing aids. Once a child is identified with a hearing loss, the audiologist will counsel the parents on the communication and educational implications of the hearing loss and will base the hearing aid recommendation on the type and degree of hearing loss.

Who do we test?

The child must be at least 8 years old and must first be evaluated by the Learning Support Center at Texas Children's Hospital to exclude other disorders that could affect our test results, making the interpretation of the APD test results extremely difficult.
There are many disorders that can mimic APD; therefore, it is our policy to ensure that these disorders are excluded prior to APD testing so that the child’s true problem can be identified and managed.